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Tape Winding Machine

» Tape Winding Machine

Magnetic Tension Filament Winding Machine

Tape Winding Machine ,
1.High Speed at more than 280 m/min.
2.Perfect tape quality, Lowest consumption, Best economic benefit.
3. Module design, full Automatic with Smart control
  • Specifications

Magnetic tension filament winding machine

Product Feature

This equipment by differential partial type disk, online adjust the winding speed, realize the linear speed of synchronization with the master. High quality materials, are used for main parts imported machining center once processing is completed, parts quality is superior, the vulnerability of longer service life.
Winding speed reaches more than 280 m/min.

Product Specification

Type SJJ-230A
Winding speed 280m/min
Motor power 180W
Max coiling diameter 160mm
Bobbin diameter 38mm
Bibbon length 230mm


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