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High Speed Six Shuttle Circular Loom

Circular Loom ,
1.High Speed reaches reaches 170 rev / min.
2.Perfect tape quality, Lowest consumption, Best economic benefit.
3. Module design, full Automatic with Smart control
  • Specifications

High Speed Six Shuttle Circular Loom

Product Feature

  • The new small cam drive mechanism ensures the long-term stability of the machine and the reduction of power consumption;
  • New track ring and rollerless shuttle for 100% recycled plastic flat wire;
  • The most advanced weft inspection system configuration reduces scrap rate and improves work efficiency;
  • Advanced weft automatic compensation system to minimize scrap rate;
  • Fully automatic host and upgrade synchronous control system to ensure smooth and smooth fabric;
  • The maximum speed reaches 170 rev / min, the fastest weaving speed is 2.7 m / min (10 * 10), 1.2 times that of the ordinary six shuttle circular loom, running faster, more stable performance, lower power consumption.

Product Specification

Item SCM-850×6S
Shuttle (pcs) 6
Maxim Speed (rpm) 170
Maxim width (mm) 300-850
Main motor (Kw) 3
Maxim Weft dia (mm) 115
No. of Warp (pc) 720
Weight (t) 1.9
Dimension (LX W XH) 10.3X2.8X2.9m


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